Registration is Now Open

It is a pleasure to invite you to participate in the ASCIA 2021 Conference, which is being hosted as a virtual event from Wednesday 1st to Friday 3rd September 2021.

The ASCIA 2021 Conference will provide registered delegates with:

  • An international standard of continuing professional development and medical education (CPD/CME), with the latest research and issues in allergy and clinical immunology presented by more than 58 speakers in the main program, including 12 international experts 11 AIFA research grant recipients, 31 speakers in 17 sponsored sessions, 19 Clinical Grand Round (CGR) case presenters, 71 poster presenters and 9 CFAR food allergy research ‘hot publication’ authors..
  • An interactive program that allows delegates to submit questions online during live Q&A sessions.
  • Access to all sessions, which will also be available as video recordings on the ASCIA 2021 Conference platform.
  • Access to concurrent programs for Nurses, Dietitians and Associate Medical Days on Friday.
  • Exceptional value, with discounted registration fees to encourage ASCIA members and other health professionals with an interest in allergy and clinical immunology to register. These reasonably priced fees are possible due to support from ASCIA 2021 Sponsors and Exhibitors.

The ASCIA 2021 Conference program includes presentations by 12 international keynote speakers:

  • Dr Kimberly Blumenthal (USA) - IgE Mediated Drug Allergy Reactions
  • Prof Wen-Hung Chung (Taiwan) - T Cell Mediated Drug Reactions and Novel Technologies
  • Dr Andrew Gennery (UK) - TAPID Collaboration from a UK Perspective
  • Prof Tari Haahtela (Finland) - Biodiversity Exposure and Allergy Prevention
  • Prof David Khan (USA) - Re-Labelling Drug Allergy
  • Prof Mark Little (Ireland) - Targeting Subclinical-Immune Pathology in ANCA Vasculitis
  • Dr Rosan Meyer (UK) - Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID)
  • Prof Elizabeth Phillips (USA) - Excipient Allergy
  • Dr Kathleen Sullivan (USA) - COVID-19 and Syndromes in Children, Rubella Associated Granuloma
  • A/Prof Bernard Thong (Singapore) - COVID-19 Vaccine Immediate Reactions
  • A/Prof Paul Turner (UK) - Anaphylaxis and Food Allergy, COVID-19 Vaccine Delayed Reactions COVID-19 in 2021 and Beyond, Food Allergy Prevention in 2021 and Beyond
  • A/Prof Carina Venter (USA) - Food Allergy and Diet, Maternal Diet and Food Allergy Prevention in Children.

For more details about these speakers click here.

ASCIA 2021 Conference program also features presentations by local keynote speakers, including:

  • Dr Katie Allen MP - 2021 Basten Oration: A Journey from Benchside to Bedside, and Population to Politics – Why would you do it?
  • Prof Anthony Kelleher - Long COVID
  • Prof Connie Katelaris AM - Climate Change and Allergy
  • Dr Jennifer Koplin - Food Allergy Prevention - EarlyNuts Study Results
  • A/Prof Philip Robinson - Autoimmunity and COVID-19
  • Dr Charlotte Slade - Primary Immunodeficiency in the Adult and Elderly Population
  • Dr Norman Swan - The COVID-19 Pandemic - Where have we come from, where are we going and what have we learnt?
  • Prof Mimi Tang - Food Allergy Treatment - Peanut Allergy OIT Trial Results
  • Prof Stuart Tangye - Immunodeficiency and COVID-19
  • Prof Carola Vinuesa - Neuritin to Prevent Autoimmune Disease and Allergies

ASCIA works in collaboration with other medical specialists and organisations, and this is reflected in the ASCIA 2021 Conference program, which includes the following sessions:

  • ASCIA-CFAR (Centre for Food and Allergy Research) Symposium on Wednesday.
  • ASCIA-ANZVASC (Australia and New Zealand Vasculitis Society) Symposium on Friday.
  • ASCIA Immunodeficiency Strategy for Australia and New Zealand Update on Friday.
  • National Allergy Strategy Update on Friday.

We greatly appreciate the support from the ASCIA 2021 Conference sponsors and exhibitors. There will be sponsored sessions each morning and on Wednesday evening, and a 3D virtual exhibition each day.

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With an outstanding program and innovative virtual format, we expect that the ASCIA 2021 Conference will provide an international standard of education and networking opportunities for ASCIA members and other health professionals with an interest in allergy and clinical immunology.

We look forward to your involvement in the ASCIA 2021 Conference.

Kind regards,

Prof Michaela Lucas

ASCIA President

Jill Smith


On behalf of the ASCIA 2021 Conference committee:

ASCIA Directors: Dr Theresa Cole (VIC), A/Prof Jane Peake (QLD), Dr Michael O'Sullivan (WA).

ASCIA Committee Chairs: Dr Karl Baumgart (NSW), Dr Lara Ford (NSW), Dr Katie Frith (NSW), Prof Connie Katelaris AM (NSW), Dr Kathryn Patchett (NSW),

ASCIA Associate Representatives: Kathy Beck (QLD), Dr Kathryn Heyworth (QLD), Briony Tyquin (NSW).

Other members: Dr Tiffany Hughes (SA), Dr Preeti Joshi (NSW), Dr Dean Tey (VIC), Dr Brynn Wainstein (NSW), Dr Melanie Wong (NSW).

ASCIA Council Area Representatives:
Dr Andrew Baker (NZ), A/Prof Katrina Randall (ACT), Dr Narinder Kaur (NSW), Dr Jovanka King (SA), Dr Alberto Pinzon (QLD), Dr Stephanie Richards (VIC), A/Prof Kristina Rueter (WA).